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Our breathable and transparent Clear Top Coat is quick drying and offers both protection for your color to prevent it from chipping and a shiny look for your nails.

Clear Top Coat

  • Step 1: Apply one to two coats of your favorite 786 Cosmetics nail polish to your nails. (Only use one coat of nail polish if you pray and intend to apply a top coat).

    Step 2: Once your favorite 786 Cosmetics nail polish is completely dry, apply a coat of Top Coat Clear  on your fingernails. The Clear Top Coat  can be applied over all 786 Cosmetics nail polishes.

    Step 3: Clear Top Coat  applies in a glossy way, but obtaining the matte finish is done in 20-30 seconds.

    Enjoy your matte manicure! (Allow more time after the matte appearance appears to let the top coat dry completely).

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